2008 Ford Pickup

  • 2008 Ford Pickup

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    • You vehicle's diagnostic system has detected a problem that is causing it not to perform to factory standards, resulting in the control module turning on the check engine light (CEL). We are well equipped & trained to accurately diagnose & repair these problems. We can & will repair the car to factory standards, however, there may be more than one problem present. The engine management computer of your car is equipped with a sophisticated on-board diagnostic (OBD) system. When this system detects a problem it turns on the CEL. A problem in one of the monitored system is what turned on your CEL. Our technicians are highly trained & equipped with the latest state of the art diagnostic equipment, so that in most cases we will be able to diagnose & repair problems quickly and efficiently. There may be more than one problem present even though only one trouble code was recorded in the module. The module continually runs various self tests to ensure that all systems are working normally. In the event of a failure some of these self tests are turned off until the original problem is fixed. This means that until we repair the original problem we may not be able to see other problems. This is likely to occur if you have been driving with the CEL for multiple days.
    • CYLINDER 8 IGNITION COIL – Remove & Replace
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